I will code your java and python programming projects



                                          *** Message me before Order***

Hi, I am core Java developer with hands-on experience in large-scale distributed and multi-threaded applications. I develop Java desktop and console based applications and REST APIs with Jenkins, Junit. I have excellent knowledge of Object-oriented, functional and aspect-oriented programming paradigms, JDBC and file handling, multithreading, synchronization, Java Swing GUI and socket programming. Similarly, I can develop complex python programming projects to solve machine learning and data analysis tasks. I have working experience in numpy, scikit-learn, and NLTK with python to analyze text data.

                                             ***What You Will Get***

  1. Tested(Unit and Integration) and Commented code
  2. Plagiarism Free work
  3. data structure
  4. algorithm 
  5. lambda expressions
  6. efficient design 
  7. GUI
  8. Money Back Guarantee 

Note: Custom Projects are also facilitated 


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