I will code in c, cpp, c sharp, ruby and python programming



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I’m a Professional Programmer and Software Developer. Writings Good codes and developing high-quality applications is my profession and mainstream vision having 4+ years of Experience in multiple Programming Languages, Desktop Application Development and Scientific Computing considering a variety of fields.

Programming Languages:

  • C Language 
  • C++ / Cpp
  • C# / C sharp
  • Python
  • Java Programming
  • Ruby Programming
  • Python Scripts 
  • Database Queries (SQL)


  • Simple and Core Programming
  • Object-Orientation Implementation (OOP)
  • Data Structures and Algorithms Implementation
  • File Handling and Exception Handling
  • Parallel Programming
  • Operating System Projects
  • Data Management Projects
  • Python Turtle + Tkinter
  • Scrapy and Beautiful-Soup
  • Numpy & Matplotlib
  • Web Scraping and Web Automation
  • Full Stack Applications


  1. Clean and Optimized Code
  2. Quality Preference
  3. Programming Conventions

I can code Programs, Projects and develop Desktop Applications for both WINDOWS + LINUX Operating System.

NOTE: Text Me Before order and we will continue there.

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