I will clean energies in your home, office or land



The Method: Distant Pranic Healing Technique to Heal Home, Office & Land

Your Condition

  • You have bought / moved into new property?
  • Does the energy in your home feel less than loving and inviting?
  • Is your home for sale and not selling?
  • Do you have a hard time growing things in your yard?
  • Is business slow and less than abundant and productive?

Did you know that when negative people visit your homes, offices & websites, they leave behind negative energy, imprints & destructive lower energies behind?

This type of negative energy can & will affect your family life at home, sales, number of visits to your workplace and website, block your ability to experiences success with your business, & even block the selling of your property & prevent trees & plants from thriving!!

It is important to maintain healthy positive energy in our homes, offices & land. In this session, I will remove any negative energy, entities or other forms of non light presence for your home, office or land. This clearing will restore balance & harmony in those spaces.


  1. Home + office = 40 USD
  2. Home + Land = 40 USD
  3. Office + Land = 40 USD


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