I will chinese to english translation for you


Important note:
Since I live in China, I may not reply the messages from some countries in time because……the earth rotates, you know. I reply messages within 5 minutes during 8 am to 11 pm,Beijing time.

I can translate anything from Chinese to English or vice versa for you.
If you have a file with small amount of words (below 1000), you can place your order directly without contacting me. Just simply pick the right gig package for your project, pay, upload your file, then I will handle the rest and deliver the work in time.
If you have a file with large amount of words (beyond 10000), please contact me first, I will give you extra discount. The more words you have, the bigger discount you will get.
And I need to check out your material in order to give you the estimated time and cost, then I will send you a custom offer. 

Oh, please notify me if you want me to add my translator registration number to the material.


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