I will build your professional shopify store



You will get a great looking e-commerce store, ready to sell, tailored to your needs.

Why Shopify?
It’s a well established product that has generated $82bn in sales powering over 600,000 stores. Sell physical & digital goods, with all sorts of shipping options, a wide range of themes, blogging, custom plugins, Paypal, SEO. One of the most customizable experiences and really easy to use too!

What you will get

  • Clean code, fast and optimized.
  • Professional look.
  • SSL.
  • Your own domain.
  • Mobile responsiveness always.
  • I will teach you how to manage it.

The packages

  • Simple: You will get a ready to sell store, with a basic theme and some products. The perfect starting point to test an idea or have a one product store.
  • Standard: The simple package overpowered with a great looking theme, social media integrated.
  • Super: This is the one if you need something really special and unique with features that the platform doesn’t provide natively.

A bit about me
Full Stack Software Engineer & Shopify Expert, creating stores since 2015, from basic UI changes to highly complex custom app dev, from basic stores to big brands that sell millions.

Drop me a text and let’s start working!


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