I will build website and database using php, mysql and javascript



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I am a web application developer with over 6
years of experience in website programming, custom software development,
database design and implementation. By building a high quality software
that satisfies business requirements, I have been helping businesses
solve certain business problems. I will build a high quality software
for you and according to your requirements.
Some Key Features of my Service:
  • Custom website design that is always tailor to meet your demand.
  • Dynamic and responsive that fit perfectly in all devices.
  • Database integration using Mysql, Mongodb, Json, Text file.
  • API integration to add that special feature you want
  • Proper code programming  logic that increase website performance.
  • Building from scratch, creative and innovative.
  • Proper security implementation through intuitive code implementation and data handling
  • Transparent registration and login form
Why Hire Me?
  • With my experience, I will also give you other technical details
  • Coding gives me joy and I am always happy to see people appreciating my works. So I must always work hard to do more.

Please SEND and DISCUSS your REQUIREMENTS before placing order.
 Thank You.


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