I will build reactjs app with firebase app firestore cloud store



Here at Gravity Tech, We are providing well structure and optimized React application that’s look professional, we have wealth of experiences in mentioned areas.

The main areas of expertise are:

  • HTML5, CSS, JavaScript (ES5, ES6, …)
  • React Js ( REDUX also, Style-Component, )
  • Firebase (Realtime database, Authentication, …)
    • Ant-design, React-strap and Material-UI 
    What you are Expecting from us:

    * Responsive Design/Layouts

    * Well Structured
    * Reusable Components
    * Excellent Customer support
    we are expecting from your side:
    * Your Time.
    * Application Requirement.
    * Design. 
    Have Plans to Provide Services on these techs ASAP.
    * Progressive Web Apps
    * React with Graphql, Apollo…
    * NodeJs (MongoDb, Firebase..) 
    * Blockchain
    Regarding packages have any query, Please contact us, It’ll be our pleasure to respond your query.
    Contact us before ordering.


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