I will build a react web application



Who I am:
My name is Alejandro Vasta and I am offering you a day of web programming using the best practices for coding a react web application and integrating it with your service. If needed, I would love to get in touch with your backend team. I have more than 10 years of experience working for the most challenging startups from US and Europe. 

What does it include?:

  • Source code
  • Unit testing 
  • Unlimited revisions (QA)

I am a passionate javascript dev and try to follow the ultimate standards and guidelines. I also aims to be a pixel perfect UI developer, so for that reason I would love to work with tools like Figma or Sketch or similar apps. This is a very important point for quality assurance.

Tech stack:

Node (Express), React, Redux, React (SSR) with Next.js, SCSS/SASS, Enzyme, Jest, Electron, Gatsby (static websites or landing pages).

What I would need to start:
1. The design under Figma / Sketch or a similar tool. 
2. A specification of functionality or a story / well-written document in english. (maybe Notion)

I like to use slack and asana to keep all tracked and also be informed in the case some parts of the UX / UI are going to change. 


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