I will brainstorm business idea with brand identity development



Brand Identity Growth. Marketing Strategy and Consulting.
I have enough experience (10+ years) in digital marketing space to guide you in your online journey, to build a good online exposure for your brand or just to improve your existing results. Managed really large budgets so far and generated 7 figures in sales.
All through strategy and creativity.
If you choose to grow your online business, I can help you out from scratch.
I can offer you a business strategy based on your existing ideas and visions, or, I can build an A-Z strategy especially for your niche. I would also give you creative ideas for a brand story/message that you need to deliver for your online exposure.
Ongoing consultation as needed.
Other services might include, if necessary:
Digital Marketing Plan
Ads Creative campaigns Consultancy
Evaluation of existing marketing strategy
Offering creative video script for an efficient and creative visual impact
Offering UX consultancy to improve user experience on your website
Budget Management
Campaigns Consultancy
Step by step guide to growing your online business
Thanks. Let’s connect asap and discuss more details. Looking forward to connecting with you


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