I will be your writing coach and literary advisor editor


My proof reading Critique includes my observations as a several time best selling published author and #1 Best Selling Author, I will read your manuscript or short story to give my opinion on how well it hooks the reader, if it has a well understood plot developed, the pace of how it progresses the reader and holds the readers attention and emotionally satisfies the reader.  I look at both fiction and non-fiction but I do not do poetry or educational papers for classwork.  I will give you opinions on character development and building to the major story climax and overcomes as well as developing an emotionally satisfying ending.  

Under my Standard Gig I will provide some editing suggestions to improve the story grammatically and with sentence structure and story developmental improvements or areas that have not been adequately conveyed in your writing to make your point of your story.

As part of my Premium Gig I will do some light rewriting and formatting of paragraph and sentence structure to convey my suggestions to improve your manuscript.

Please provide your writing in MS Word and all my work will be in Tracked Changes under your revised document.


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