I will be your ultimate PC build guide



My Gig is unique. Building your Ultimate PC is a big investment, and should be a unique build tailored just for you. I can be your guide, teacher and adviser for the entire process.

For Gamers

  • If you’re just starting out with the basics – learn from the pros! I will use simple, broken down terms and teach you as much as I can throughout the process.
  • If you’re up-to speed with PC hardware – I’m your guy. Happy to discuss parts, performance and building in any level of detail. 
  • If you’re an experienced builder – Lets talk detail! Discussing numbers and parts is what I do.
  • I will offer you tailored FPS predictions for individual games based on your recommended hardware and existing kit.

For Professionals

  • Please get in touch with your specific requirements and we’ll work together to tailor your build
  • I will work with you to analyse where you can squeeze the most performance out of your build with the best value for money in any specific applications or use cases.

For Home/Office:
Custom PCs don’t have to be just for gamers and professionals – you can get a lot more than just better value out of building your own PC! 


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