I will be your tutor for javascript, react, react native and nodejs apps



Hi there, first of all let me assure you that you have landed on the gig that’s tailored for your learning needs.

Have you ever wondered how different web and mobile technologies work together, are you passionate to learn these technologies? If your answer is yes and/but you do not know where to start! Worry no more, I can join you on your quest to acquire this knowledge.

I am a professional full stack web and mobile developer. During the projects development, I’ve been collaborating with foreign clients as well. E-commerce mobile app and admin panel are my recent projects to name a few.

I believe that knowledge/skill is of no use if it is not being practiced and passed on. So following this ideology, I’ve been a coding tutor to novice developers and also assisting few of them in their FYP’s as well. I can speak English fluently in fine Asian accent. I believe that I am the best candidate for you learning needs!

Please message me before placing your order so that we can discuss your learning needs in details before getting started!


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