I will be your script doctor and give you feedback on your story


Do you have a completed screenplay but need professional feedback?

I’m a graduate filmmaker with ten years of experience in different multimedia projects. As a screenwriter, I’m versed in the writings of Robert Mckee, Syd Field, Aristotle, and many other respected teachers. If you’re writing something and need help to identify any weak points in terms of story, formatting, grammar, plot structure, character arc, etc. from a professional, I am here to help you out.

Are you starting a new project and need help to find your footing?

As an expert, I can definitely help you understand the principles of screenwriting and give you advice on what it is you want to do. If you wish to start writing an idea you’ve been having in your head for a while, I’ll give you advice on how to bring that idea into paper.

Let me know what do you need and let’s start working!

“My pencils outlast their erasers”                                                – Vladimir Nabokov


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