I will be your programming teacher



Note: Please do not order this gig without contacting me!

Hello Knowledge seeker,

Are you a beginner for programming? Difficult to understand programming syntax/codes? hard to do assignments? Trust me; You are at the right place!

I will teach you,

?? Basic programming concepts (Procedure oriented programming).
?? Object-oriented programming concepts.
?? If you cannot understand syntax I can start over structured English (Pseudo codes) 

I can start teaching you the well know programming language Java or JavaScript which I have lots of experience with. I will connect with you over TeamViewer and well go through the code and discuss how the program actually works.

You may expect,

?? Coding walk through line by line.
?? Best practices while coding.
?? How to make the best code out of all possibilities.
?? Code management.
?? Coding principles and theories.

Are you ready to learn? I’m ready to teach you.,  Contact me right now!

Medium : English / Sinhala 


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