I will be your professional unity game developer



“Games that don’t suck make the bucks” –  Altamush Nayyer Khan ‘Attish’
We are a group of professional game devs and designers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThgT0CmxTXo . Eggness, Farm Town Run, Shoot Pump Shoot, and Super Box Adventures are some of the games that were made under my leadership. Trailer for the video game Super Box Adventures is above!
We also provide game design documents, game mechanics, game writing, story development, scripts and dialogues  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzklrx5xEWIKSMZ2mp38ltg
We have made 100s of games for our clients. Some of those games generated thousands of dollars for our clients and were successful.
Your Game Document and Development will include:

– Plot
– Setting
– Mindset
– Gameplay Design
– UI design
– Menu flow chart
– Stand out features
– AI behaviors
– Character story/backgrounds
– Gun play or Combat design
– Level design
– Mission or level objectives
– Progression system
– Narrative design
– Screen effects, graphics and art style suggestions.

We will work according to the GDD that will be made for you.


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