I will be your content writer for your facebook page


Do you know that over 3 billion people are using social media in this globe? And, social media platforms allow you to reach them if you have GREAT CONTENTS!

Hello there! My name is Wei Hang Khoo, an Facebook content writer you are looking for…

Let me guess, here are the reasons why you are looking for me:

  • Your Facebook page isn’t growing at the pace you want it to

  • You want to leverage my time. Therefore, you can spend your time to work on your business

  • You are NEW to Facebook and you have no idea how to write your contents

NO WORRIES, I am here to help you! Writing valuable contents to your audience isn’t difficult as long as you understand who your target audience is and “What Do They Really Want?”

This is my process of writing captions…

1) Give me your niche (Please be details)

2) You can give me the direction of what post to write (Or you can let me choose for you)

3) I will do research on your audience, “What Do They Really Want From You?”

5) I will start writing Facebook contents and deliver it to you

6) If you are not happy, go back to STEP 5 until you are satisfied

Start growing your page today, PLACE AN ORDER NOW!!!


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