I will be your business loan consultant



I am a small business bank lender and bank underwriter. I know exactly what it takes to get a business loan approval. It requires the business owner and the business to fit within an approval box not made known to the business loan applicants. The better prepared you are prior to submitting your loan application for approval, the higher your chances of approval. Once you receive a loan decline, it is difficult to resubmit your application and achieve an actual approval.

I will be your business lending coach and consultant. I am available to assist with identifying when and if you and your business are both ready to seek a business loan. If you are ready, I will guide you on which type of business lending is best for your current business structure and model. Once you are paired with the type of lending that best fit your lending capacity and needs, I will then provide you a customized plan and action steps for application submission. The process will give you a greater chance for achieving approval for your business lending needs. 

The Basic Package is by Chat/Message only.


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