I will be your amazon kindle VA



Hello my friend. 

I am George, a $1-a-day Amazon Kindle VA. 

KDP is one of the most interesting, easy and pleasant businesses. 

I have 1 year of experience in KDP field and 14 years experience in writing books and descriptions (more than 10 of my books are published in the largest publishing houses).

If you want me to be your personal VA, you only have to pay $1 a day.

I will then start doing everything for you that relates to the KDP (finding a profitable niche, finding the best freelancers, creating a book and cover, formatting, publishing and promotion).   

I will also help you develop a business strategy to achieve greater success.

With my help, your kindle business will grow fast. 

My services are very cheap because I am starting this way. In the future, my VA services will become more expensive, but for those who bought my Gig, the price of my future services will remain the same for which they bought it.

Your Personal $1-a-day Kindle VA. 


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