I will automate your web processes using selenium in java



I am Test Automation Engineer which helps the people to identify and resolve the hidden issues in their Applications whether it will be Web or Mobile App.

My goal is to
minimize the manual efforts in day to day testing task and to minimize the
delivery time of the product.

I am here to reduce your manual testing efforts by Automation Testing using the following tools and Techniques which can minimize the cost of Testing the repeated functionalities again and again:

Web Application Testing:

  • Web automation using Selenium Web-Driver (JAVA) and Behavior Driven Framework (BDD) with Complete test scenarios written in Gherkin Language (Cucumber)
  • Complete documentation on how to run those Automated Test scripts.

Automation Framework: BDD, Data Driven, Page Object Model
Reporting system: Extent report version 3, TestNG, Cucumber and Allure Report
Project: Maven
Happy Testing! 


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