I will assist in iso 27001 documents and audit preparation



Anybody looking for consultancy in ISO 27001 audit, I would love to offer my consultancy. What I offer is: 

  • Analysis of Scope
  • Creation of SOA
  • Formulating Org Objectives and Action Plan
  • Master Document List (having both mandatory and non-mandatory Policies, Procedures, Guidelines & Standards)
  • Analysis of Already Developed documents
  • Formulation of Information Security Management System Policies and Procedures
  • Some samples based on that MDL & Mandatory documents
  • Asset Register and Risk assessment including Risk treatment plan
  • VA/PEN remediation
  • Supporting evidence including MRM, Internal audits & Committees documents etc
  • Audit plan and body
  • Will compile a report at the end after the analysis of these (It can be a simple formal report or complete out-site internal audit report having Major non-conformity, Minor non-conformity and Observations). It depend on your needs

Costing is not final and after discussion, I will charge you reasonable amount so, that’s why I would like to have a chat with you and finalize the terms. For any query, ping me a message and I would love to respond. Looking forward to work with you. Thanks



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