I will assist in cisco network design and configuration



A dynamic Systems
Engineer with 6 years of Computer Networking and Cisco Networking experience.

I’m a versatile Network administrator Cisco certified.

Experience in configuring VLANs, Inter VLAN routing, CDP, VTP,
Trunking, Spanning Tree (STP), Layer 3 Switches, Logical Ether-Channels,
and Access list

  Experience in Routing Protocols like OSPFv2, and BGP with both IPv4 and IPv6.

Static Routing, RIPv1, RIPv2, EIGRP, Policy-Based Routing Route Filtering, Redistribution, Route Summarization

 Experience in Telephony utilizing Linux Based Servers, QoS implementation.

 Experience in configuring Cisco VOIP and IP Telephony.

 Have a good technical network background

 Working knowledge of major networking components & hardware components

 Ability to explain technical issues clearly to a non-technical person

 Redesign and Re-engineering of existing networks for future growth

 Configuring Network in a simulation environment such as Packet Tracer, GNS3, and Boson   Netsim

 Just a trial will convince you.

Please contact me first before placing an order so as to understand your requirements



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