I will analyze your shopify store and help improving it



What will you get?

  • Detailed analysis of your store’s features, apps, UI, speed, search for JavaScript bugs, visual bugs.
  • Document with suggestions to add / improve.
  • Comparison to similar established stores.
  • Recommendation of apps that would enhance the user experience.

The packages

  • Analysis: You will get a document with the analysis. You should get this package if you’re not sure what’s wrong with your store, or you want professional opinion on how to make it better.
  • Improvement: You will get the analysis, plus two hours of work on the most needed fix. You should get this one if you’re ready to start improving your site.
  • Revamp: The analysis and then 8 hours of work on your store to tackle most of the suggested improvements. You should get this one if you know there are many urgent things to improve.

A bit about me
Full Stack Software Engineer & Shopify Expert, creating stores since 2015, from basic UI changes to highly complex custom app dev, from basic stores to big brands that sell millions. I have worked on so many stores that I always know a project similar to yours, can compare them and give you insight, help you get there.

Drop me a line and let’s start working!


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