I will amazon deep products research



Product Research is essential in having a successful amazon business. If you don’t get this right, then pretty much everything else will not work. The marketplace is maturing and it’s more competitive, but that doesn’t mean the opportunity is over, on the contrary the opportunity to sell in 2019 is better than ever. 

Here is what I offer:   

  •   Products with revenue between $14k and $50K+
  •   Average selling price that makes sense to you between $13 and $38
  •   No patent or trademark problems and not seasonal
  •   Products where you can improve (ratings at 4.5 or below)
  •   Profits of at least 35% to 55% and ROI of at least 110%

You can contact me if you need more info.
for the most time, I will deliver your order before time.


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