I will adapt your stories or novels in to text based games



I will use the Twine engine to adapt your Story in to a text based game. I will stay as faithful to your story as I can, and consult you every step of the way. Pricing will favor you. I will take creative liberties with the mechanics, unless you tell me how you want them, simple,complex, or somewhere in between.

I have a background in coding and programming, especially with java.
Though Twine does not require extensive coding knowledge, such knowledge enables me to push the Twine engine to its limits. 

I will take your suggestions relating to the narrative very seriously, it is your story after all.
The story will have minimal graphics and sound design. It will be delivered to you in html format, put it in your browser to play it. You can convert the file as you wish past that.


  • I will put maximum effort in to creating a game faithful in both material and gameplay, to the story you provide
  • I will complete the game in a timely manner, though  quality games do take some time to complete, please be patient
  • I will consult you about all the creative decisions I make regarding the game, if you so wish. It is based off of your work, after all.


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